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About "The Script Mentor"



After a career in law enforcement, which included multiple stints as detective in various units, Geno left law enforcement to become the owner/operator of several private investigations companies. It wasn't long before Geno became the "go-to" private investigator to many of the Hollywood elite, with cases that included stalkers, marital disputes and fraud investigations. He later provided financial assistance and guidance to many of the major and mini-major studios, hiring and placing CFO's, Financial Managers and financial specialists within their organizations. These clients included Fox, Paramount, Sony and others.


Geno spent a total of twenty-two years in the Hollywood community. In 1999-2000, Mr. Scala was selected as one of four Executive Directors for the 72nd Annual Academy Awards, managing over eight hundred personnel for the live production, pre-show events, award ceremonies, the Red Carpet and the post-production Governor's Ball at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. He has held similar positions with The Soul Train Awards, the Grammys and the Blockbuster Awards shows.








After his stint as Executive Director at the Academy Awards show, Geno started a production company, "Shark-Eating Man Productions" (


He employs as many as eight screenwriters, while assisting other screenwriters in helping them achieve their dreams. Geno was an associate producer of several features and shorts, including  "OUR FATHER" (2014 short); "PRACTICAL USES FOR A TIME MACHINE" (2014 short); “MIRROR LAKE” (2013 feature); "THE GIRL AT THE END OF THE WORLD" (2013 feature); "SEASON OF HOPE" (2013 short) and "THE DICK JONES PROJECT" (2012 feature).


Most recently, Geno became an Executive Producer for the horror film "DEBRIS" with Nicole Jones-Dion, who has written several theatrically-released films (including "DRACULA-  THE DARK PRINCE" for Lionsgate Entertainment). He is also the Executive Producer of the action super hero franchise, “BLACK SALT”, the first known minority super hero in a leading role.


Additional projects can be found on his IMdb page at:


Mr. Scala is managed by Branden Cobb of Starring Entertainment, (310) 622-5511.



Geno's screenplay, "BANKING ON BETTY" was the winner of the 2012 StoryPros Screenwriting Competition, runner-up in the highly regarded 2013 Scriptapalooza Competition, and a top finalist of the 2012 Script Pipeline Competition. The horror feature, "GEAR MAN", which he helped co-write, was sold to Morningstar Films. The horror feature “HUSKER”, which he helped co-write, was a top finalist in the 2013 Creative World Awards.


He currently has several screenplays in development, including the comedies "TAKING CREDIT" (with Brent Jones), "OLD FOGEYS" and "GHOST PLAYA" (with Rick Brady), and the action feature "HELLICANE" (with Victoria Rosendahl). Geno wrote two pilots for SpikeTV - "SEXTRACURRICULUM" and "HELL HATH NO FURY", and he and his business and writing partner,Brent Jones, are writing a ten-episode limited drama series for cable called "BAD PRIEST".


Most recently, he was hired by Templeheart Films to write the horror script "THE TOMBS- RISE OF THE DAMNED", slated for production in 2015.



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