​We will review your original source material (manuscript, published novel, other) at your request for the purpose of considering adapting your material into a screenplay. If an adaptation agreement is made, and contract signed, you will be credited back this initial $99.00.

To Discuss Project, CALL/TEXT:

(818) 602-3221


Adaptation Services:

Adaptations are calculated by number of script pages; $100/screenplay page; minimum 100 pages.​ Payment is 1/2 total ($4,999) down payment; balance upon completion.

If completed screenplays comes in at below 100 pages; your balance is adjusted to reflect the lower charge.

Any screenplay above 100 pages, those pages are provided at no additional charge.

I write to the page number that the story takes me, not less; not more. I will not exceed 110 pages, and will not provide less than 85 pages (acceptable screenwriting guidelines). 

To Discuss Project, CALL/TEXT:

(818) 602-3221


ALL prices are subject to change, and are negotiable.

Payment arrangements are available upon request.