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TSM 20-Day Screenplay Video Series


"The Script Mentor" is now offering on-line INTERACTIVE workshop sessions

at the all-time low of $49.99 per session

(comparable online workshops are $79.99 and $99.99)


Buy three, get the fourth session FREE!

This year, our workshop focus will be:


How To Write a Spec Screenplay That Producers Will Read

(and Win a Few Contests Along the Way)!


Click HERE to Buy three (3) sessions

and get the fourth session FREE!

(to buy all four sessions at the discounted price, please use this Pay Pal button)



Session #1
Writing the Professional Spec Screenplay

You will learn the rules to proper spec screenplay formatting; tips on reducing "wordweight"; writing for budget; the art and craft of writing screenplays; writing "left vs right"...and more!


Session #2
The "L/S/Q" Factor:
Loglines, Synopsis
& Query

The TSM Logline Formula; Logline vs Tagline; How to Write a Proper Synopsis; Writing the "New" Query Letter...and more!

Session #3
Proper Marketing
Effective Networking

The Importance of Newtworking; The Keys to Proper Networking; Proper Marketing Materials; Keys to a More Productive Marketing Strategy...and more!

Session #4
Debunking Screenwriting Myths

Topics Include: Living in L.A.; Do I Need an Agent?

Contest Tips; The Importance of Wordweight;

Posting Scripts On Line; and much more!


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