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The Scams In Our Industry
















Part of the services we provide to our network, followers, and fellow screenwriters is identifying and "calling out" the various scammers, schemers and crooks in the screenwriting industry. You can follow many of these announcements through our many blog articles and newsletters.


As a result of uncovering these scams, we believe that we've had a significant impact in their businesses- which is a good thing. No one likes to get ripped off, misled or lied to, so these people should be exposed. Some of these companies have decided to fight back in kind. Unfortunately for them, "The Script Mentor" is completely legitimate, works totally above board, hasn't "victimized" a single writer, and has hundreds of satisfied clients that we've helped- many of them for free. So, the only way they can fight back is by making up stories and falsifying reports or complaints using made-up names of people that never used our services. We know who these people are, and have taken the legal steps in order to prevent them from libeling us further. We've have been ripped off by these services ourselves, and our goal is to protect our fellow writers from falling victim to them. We can't protect everybody; some people will not do their due diligence, and some people will ignore our suggestions and warnings, choosing instead to believe the negative reports about us. 


If you come across a negative report about "The Script Mentor", please let us know about it. but be advised: these salacious attacks and falsified reports will NEVER prevent us from continuing to go after these companies or services. We intend to continue to shed some light on these services, despite the effect it may have own our own reputation.


We sincerely trust that you will see through these fake reports and libelous, false comments and know we are a legitimate and trustworthy organization.


                                Geno Scala

                                            The Script Mentor



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