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Having worked with countless writers, providing over a thousand "first ten page" reviews, as well as full script reviews with extensive notes, I helped mentored hundreds of screenwriters, while assisting them in developing a career path for their writing.
Here are just a few comments from some of my satisfied clients:

"Looking for a screenwriting mentor? Geno is an award winning screenwriter with valuable insight into what does and doesn't work. The Script Mentor provides invaluable advice and networking opportunities, plus real-world glimpses into the business of selling your script."


Anthony Crossen

Director | Screenwriter | Owner, TSF Films



"Having someone like Geno dissect your work looking for everything from minor bugs to simple formatting errors to major structure/story flaws is money well spent and time saved."


Tim Lane

Writing for Stage, Screen, and Podiums at CynosurerWrites



"I submitted my script to Geno and he was able to give me expert advice and direction on what I was lacking. In addition, he also picked up on some technical mistakes I was making that others hadn't mentioned. I feel confident in saying that without Geno's invaluable assistance, my script would not have gotten optioned. Thanks again Geno!"


Morley Shulman

Writer, A Mile in His Soul

Show and Tell Entertainment



"Geno is a rarity in today’s world of entertainment; a guy who wants to see others succeed as much as he wants to. He is thoughtful, intelligent and quick to offer assistance without overstepping his boundaries. I fully recommend his company, The Script Mentor, for anyone who is writing screenplays they hope to sell someday."


Kerry Fleming

Co-Writer of Rock Paper Dead



"I have had many occasions to connect with Geno Scala on many film projects and endeavors. Not only is he amazing at connecting writers with prospects when the timing is right, he himself is a very skilled award-winning writer, and is full of brilliant advice on the craft of script-writing!"


Sundae Jahant-Osborn

Optioned Award-Winning Screenwriter



"Geno has a rare balance between intelligence and patience. He is very knowledgeable about screenwriting, but also has the desire to help people grow. He can assist any writer in a number of capacities and growth, and continually demonstrates a passion to develop quality work."


Justin DiSandro




"Geno's motto is "pay it forward", which he tirelessly puts into practice. He is generous with his breadth of knowledge about screenwriting and the industry, and his no-nonsense, straight forward approach is tough love at its kindest."


Monique Mata




"Geno's advice and expertise extend to not just the mechanics of screenwriting, but the business side as well. He's a caring mentor who's clear goal is to steer new screenwriters in the right direction."


Mike Davidson

Writer/producer "Mirror Lake"



"Rarely am I able to recommend anybody with such confidence as I can Geno. He has surpassed my expectations ten fold in his ability and expertise. Geno had always done exactly as he said he will, no excuses or surprises. Working with him is always a pleasure."


Keven Kane

Producer, EnMar Productions



"As a Senior Producer for the past 30 years in the Television and Film industries, I feel that I'm amply qualified to assess individual contributions made by others. Geno's writing expertise and the ease with which he can maneuver around a script is quite impressive during creative pre-production sessions. I highly recommend him."


Gordon Paterson

President/TV Writer/Producer at The Star Bright Company



"Geno is an established and well regarded screenwriter with a highly respected consultancy service. What is most impressive, however, is the time Geno dedicates to helping others. He is a gentleman and a consummate professional."


Shane Perez

Screenwriter/Script Reader/Editor/Lecturer



"Geno has an amazing amount of knowledge on the craft of screenwriting, which he shares selflessly. If you have a question or issue with your screenplay, Geno's the 'Go To' guy."


Scott Walker

Writer/Producer at Bottomed Out Entertainment



“Geno can mentor the best, and can also  write a great script. I would highly recommend anyone to consult with Geno on any project!"


Richard Senne

Writer/Producer at North Coast Productions



"I had the pleasure of working with Geno in 2012 after hiring him to write a short film. He is very creative, has a gift for dialogue, and is extremely professional and trustworthy."


Lori Threlkeld

Agent/Actor at Atlanta Models and Talent




"Wow! As a new writer, finding someone you can trust is challenging at best. Geno's first "free" ten pages had more value to me than those of others I have paid good money to review my work. He gives more than he takes and he's very approachable and easy to talk to and responds in a timely manner. He gives feedback that makes sense and inspires."


Jo Weber

Independent Motion Pictures and Film Professional



“Geno is an amazing script mentor! His products offered through are well priced and offer amazing value. As a new writer, Geno assisted me by not only helping me with formatting, but he helped me understand what my target audience would be looking for in my writing. I have no doubt that his help has already taken my writing to the next level and can do the same for you!"


Brent Jones

RVP Business Development at CSG Global



“I came to Geno with the first ten pages of my script; I was astounded by his advice and expertise on writing screenplays. He thoroughly read my work and gave me meticulous feedback touching on every aspect a good script should start with. He even helped me form an effective logline! I highly recommend Geno and The Script Mentor services!"


Camille McCall

Global QRD Lead at General Motors



"Geno is a great help to beginning and established writers! Having lived in Hollywood for several years, he tells it as it is, saving the newbies months or even years of time."


C. Pete Petersen

Professional Writer for twenty years



"Geno Scala is an exceptional mentor. My masterpiece didn't cut the mustard. Geno read it, gave critical analysis, identified problematic areas, and offered great advice. He also shows compassion toward the fledgling writer, a compassion rarely found among the gatekeepers and elites in the film and entertainment industries."


Kem Royale,

Writer's Advocate/Retired Civil Rights Activist



"My encounters with Mr. Scala and The Script Mentor program have been informative and inspiring. I have noticed a considerable improvement in my writing skills. He has been responsive and assists in consistently finding ways of improving my project. I feel that the best decision I've made in enhancing my writing skills. I highly recommend the services of The Script Mentor!"


Boomer U.S. Military Vets




"Geno has consistently been very helpful to me in my screenwriting. He always gives far more than expected, and shares a great deal of valuable knowledge from his own successful career. I recommend him unconditionally for anybody looking to improve their writing, and/or learn how to improve their chances of actually selling what they write."


Ed Love

Wordpress, Screenplays, Life Coaching



"Attentive, proactive, and champions work that he feels is at the highest level of writing. If not, he'll help you get there."


Paul Undari

Executive Producer/Optioned Screenwriter at All Things Imaginable Productions, LLC



"Geno is extremely knowledgeable about the screenwriting business. My writer partner and I found his advice both practical and insightful, and it helped our writing process to have an objective "mentor" on our side through re-writes. I highly recommend The Script Mentor."


Dianna L. Zimmerman

Owner, Painted Light Films and Media



"Geno is quite intelligent, creative, and he extremely personable. I enjoy working with Geno and I hope to continue working with him in the future. He challenges me creatively and continues to be encouraging. He is a true friend and mentor."


Rick Brady

Traffic Gathering Editor/Producer at Radiate Media



"Geno has a heart for screenwriting and mentorship, a rare combination in the film industry. As new writers, we have a difficult time navigating through the many decisions we must make with our writing career. Geno's heart is to help us navigate and find our way to success"


Jade Kendall

Advertising Manager at Venue Magazine


"In one word I would describe Geno as magnanimous, as he leads you through your own naive attempt of a screenplay, in an extremely professional yet informal manner. The depth of perception is extreme with plaudits and compliments skipping off the page, along with much needed criticism which far from caustic, appears as resonant motivation . It is my view that I made the best decision ever when I decided to approached Geno. If I was keen to write prior to this experience, I am now chomping at the bit to produce my finest writing ever.

Thank you so very much Geno. I would indubitably recommend that all and any screenwriters, at whatever level, seek the advice of this guru. You will not regret it!


Martin Cox

Executive; Caesar's Entertainment


I highly recommend Geno Scala! I am currently working with him on an novel adaptation project, and I really appreciate his professionalism, knowledgeable, and experience. He is patiently guiding me through the process.


Brian Jones

Author- "A Cry For Kamon"



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